Iraq Amusement & Entertainment Expo 2024
Time: June 4- 6,2024

The first amusement and entertainment exhibition in Sulaimaniyan, Iraq. Iraq boasts a rich history and cultural heritage, with numerous historical sites and artifacts. By developing theme parks, museums, and heritage sites, investors can tap into the potential of cultural tourism and attract both domestic and international visitors. Iraq has a young, dynamic population with a rising middle class that seeks leisure and entertainment options. Investing in amusement parks, gaming centers, cinemas, and other entertainment venues can cater to this demand. There is a need for the development of hotels, resorts, and recreational facilities to support the growing tourism and entertainment sectors. The Iraqi government has recognized the importance of developing the amusement and entertainment industry. They have implemented policies and incentives to encourage investment in this sector, streamlining procedures and providing support for investors. 

Organizer: AMTECH Exhibition
Venue: Suly Expo , Sulaimanyah, Iraq
Tel: +98 939 210 9083