Stern Pinball unveils Jaws game machine
January 25, 2024
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Based on the classic shark horror movie, Jaws features many sights and sounds from the original 1975 Steven Spielberg film. Themed around the fictional Amity Island, the machine will be located on a beach with dangerous shark attacks posing a great risk. Players can choose Quint, Hooper and Brody to fight back against the attacks and save the island’s residents. Effects and animations will create tension, with blood in the water lighting effects and a motorised shark fin target swimming across the playfield, which players will be tasked to fire pinballs towards.


Features include an orca boat upper playfield, lookout tower ramp, ship wheel spinner, a radio target to call for assistance and a great white shark bash toy crashing through a fishing boat. It also includes custom speech from actor Richard Dreyfuss and music from the original John Williams score. “Honouring one of the greatest movie franchises of all time, we’re giving Jaws our most advanced software and hardware to date,” said Seth Davis, president and CEO of Stern Pinball, “We can’t wait to debut Jaws Pinball’s heart-pounding gameplay to the world!”


Players can also benefit from Stern’s Insider Connected software, challenging other players worldwide on leaderboards as well as tracking their own progress. The game is released in Pro, Premium and Limited Edition models, with the Limited Edition set to 1,000 releases. This version will have additional attractive features and artwork on the cabinet.