The steel structure of Senbo Resort was completed in Rizhao, Shandong
April 02, 2024
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Recently, the steel structure of indoor water park of Senbo Resort Natural Park Project in Rizhao, Shandong was successfully completed, marking that the project has entered a new stage. Next, this indoor water park will gradually carry out multi-aspect cross construction such as curtain wall, water treatment, amusement equipment installation and decoration.

It is reported that the indoor water park is located in the core of the whole project, with a total floor area of 20,808 sq.m, a total height 27.3m, a maximum span of 119m and a structure type of spatial grid combination. Designed to accommodate 5,000 visitors at its peak, the building will be built into a water park with amusement items such as water slides, rafting and surfing, as well as some catering and shopping functions.