Silverwood completes its water park expansion and adds new attractions
July 08, 2024
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Idaho’s Silverwood Theme Park has opened its new ‘Emerald Forest’ water park expansion, which includes the longest dueling water coaster in the US. The theme park in Athol has expanded its current Boulder Beach Water Park by four acres with Emerald Forest, which includes the new ‘Eagle Hunt’ water coaster, as well as the ‘Salmon Run’ play area for children. Eagle Hunt by ProSlide Technology Inc., an industry leader in water ride manufacturing and design, is also the first dueling water coaster on the West Coast. The 925-foot-long ride sends guests sliding through three flying saucers, up four hills, and through a ProSlide shadow effect.


“With this water coaster having two lanes, not only will you be able to race against your friends, but we are setting up a truly unique time trials experience where you will be able to pick your prey and race down the slide like an eagle in pursuit of its prey,” says Silverwood. “If you get to the bottom in the specified time, you will have caught your prey. If you don’t make it in time, the prey will have got away.”

As for the Salmon Run area, this is inspired by the fish living in Idaho’s lakes. It includes eight waterslides for kids, ranging from 36 to 82 feet long. Earlier this year, Rapids Waterpark in West Palm Beach, Florida launched Mega Mayhem, the state’s only duelling water coaster. The new ride features two flumes spanning more than 1,600 feet in length.