Hologate has unveiled an update to its Hologate Arena
July 09, 2024
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Hologate has unveiled an update to its most popular multiplayer VR system, Hologate Arena. It now features wireless streaming technology, which frees the players from cables and allows them to experience the attraction unencumbered. The update also includes the introduction of three Arena variations, designed to suit a range of locations elevate the VR experience.


Arena Core is Hologate’s most compact VR system, designed for easy portability and setup, offering operators flexibility. Arena Infinite offers all the benefits of Core, combined with a game area design that offers a physical presence which it says will draw in both spectators and players. Arena Ultimate is Hologate’s premium VR offering, featuring multiple screens, immersive audio and dynamic lighting.


Leif Petersen, CEO and founder of Hologate, said: “This launch marks a new dawn in immersive Hologate VR. With wireless technology and three distinct Arena systems, we're offering unparalleled flexibility and performance and making premium VR experiences more accessible than ever.”