Shooting game arcade game video game Galaxy Rangers (4PL)


  • 1.Insert tokens and pick up the gun, through the lens and front sight on the pistol, aiming at the enemy on the screen, pull the pistol trigger to shoot the enemy.
  • 2.After all the bullets are fired, let the gun shoot out of the screen to quickly fill the bullets, or wait for the automatic filling.
  • 3.After knocking down the enemy, players maybe can get bullets from other guns. The game has four kinds of guns, players can switch the guns obtained at any time by pressing the switch button.
  • 4.Mission system: Complete the mission can restore certain HP; Combo shooting system: When player’s front sights overlap, combo front sights appear and deal more damage than normal front sights.
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Ace Amusement Technologies. Co., Ltd. is a medium and large sized amusement equipment manufacturer. We focus on medium-to-high end amusement equipment products, and specialize in R&D, production, sales and after-sales service. ACE Amusement makes a number of excellent products such as arcade games, redemption machines, crane machines, simulators, medium and large sized kiddie rides, etc.

Relying on independent innovation, Ace Amusement adheres to the principle of “Being Serious & Rigorous, Keeping Improving, and Offering Sincere Service", carries forward the amusement culture, and creates amusement products that bring health and happiness to customers! ACE products are extremely popular among our customers so that they are sold at home and abroad such as Europe, US, Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc. ACE Amusement is a high quality supplier for family fun centers!

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