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Located in Panyu District, Guangzhou, Baolian Industry Co., Ltd. is a world-leading electronic components manufacturer established in 1994. It provides turnkey solution that includes product design & development, mold design, mold production, injection molding, assembly & production and sales. It is specialized in developing and producing professional commercial/household electronic components, lighting equipment for advertisement and peripheral products for family entertainment. Products include micro switches, joysticks, push buttons, LED/mushroom lighter and optical/magnetic sensor modules and various kinds of plastic products and hardware and so on. 

Baolian has been offering TOP quality components to the industry for more than two decades. After all these years, we have developed well-established management systems and production techniques. We have upheld our core values as always - integrity, quality, innovation and service. We continue to introduce updated technology and automatic production equipment, and maintain good relationship with the raw material suppliers. Under rigorous product quality management system, we work hard to meet the demand from global commercial/household electronics industry. To do that, we provide professional products & service of high efficiency and high quality, and share the latest market and industry information to the industry professionals. 



Address: No.42 Shi Xin Road, Pan Yu District , Guangzhou City, GuangDong Province, China

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One of the key points of this year's promotion is that Bailian will participate in GTI Asia China Expo in September to serve buyers from all over the world. On the occasion of the real opening after the pandemic, Bailian is ready to meet clients at home and abroad, meet the needs of all customers, and introduce the best products to industry peers. Welcome to visit our booth No. 1A17 at GTI Aisa China Expo on September 11-13. Let's make an appointment to see each other at that time!



Baolian is committed to the R&D, production, assembly and sales of all kinds of animation products and accessories, parts & accessories of vending machines and game machines. Its products sell well in the world market. At every edition of GTI Asia China Expo, Baolian attracted a number of clients from home and abroad. Its quality products and services are well received by customers.