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Unique Animation is a well-known manufacturer of claw crane machine in China, with the goal of offering revenue -generating solutions to its clients, we export worldwide and had more than 10 years of site operation and management experience of amusement arcade, carnival and claw machine shops. Unique Animation offers expert site planing, opening training guidance and marketing schemes to our customers that maximize the profitability of our clients investments.

Unique Animation developed a new claw machine program independently, breaking the gift-based traditional operation, and solve the problems of lack of entertainment and unpleasant clawing experience. Constantly improving and updating in practice, we are the first and only in the industry to realize the dual importance of amusement experience and gifts in the program.We believe through the innovation of technology and operation concept, we can bring more luck, surprise and fun to players and customers.



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The claw machine market in Puning City, China, has recently shown remarkable performance, with data reflecting the unique charm of this phenomenon. So, does the claw machine model in China's Puning City have the potential to venture into the international market? Let's delve into detailed data analysis to explore this question.DSC00878.jpg

1. Population Density and Demand:

Puning City, China, boasts a massive population, providing a vast pool of potential consumers for the claw machine market. Similarly, international metropolises like Tokyo, New York, and others also have substantial population bases, offering favorable conditions for expanding the claw machine market.

2. Business Data:

The claw machine market in Puning City has generated sustained revenue growth, with the number of game centers continually increasing. Whether this success story can be replicated in the international market requires a deeper understanding of local market demands and business environments.

3. Entertainment Trends and Feedback:

The frequent appearance of photos and videos of Puning City's claw machines on social media reflects people's enthusiasm for this form of entertainment. In the international market, leveraging social media platforms flexibly can better disseminate brand image and attract more target consumers.

Applicability of Puning City's Success in the International Market:


1.Cultural Adaptation: When promoting the claw machine model in the international market, adjustments must be made according to local culture. The choice of prizes and game design should align with the cultural preferences of local consumers.

2.Market Research: In the international market, a thorough understanding of competitors, target customer groups, and market demands is crucial. Through detailed market research, a more accurate understanding of market dynamics can be obtained, allowing for the formulation of more adaptive business strategies.

3.Reasonable Pricing: Formulate a pricing strategy based on the local economic level and competitive conditions, attracting consumers while maximizing profits.

4.Brand Building: Utilize the successful brand-building experience of Puning City's claw machine market to create an eye-catching, attractive international brand image, gaining a competitive advantage in the global market.


In conclusion, the successful experience of Puning City's claw machine market provides valuable insights for replication in the international market. However, careful consideration of culture, market demands, and competitive environments, along with meticulous strategy adjustments, may pave the way for achieving claw machine market brilliance on the global stage.