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Unique Animation is a well-known manufacturer of claw crane machine in China, with the goal of offering revenue -generating solutions to its clients, we export worldwide and had more than 10 years of site operation and management experience of amusement arcade, carnival and claw machine shops. Unique Animation offers expert site planing, opening training guidance and marketing schemes to our customers that maximize the profitability of our clients investments.

Unique Animation developed a new claw machine program independently, breaking the gift-based traditional operation, and solve the problems of lack of entertainment and unpleasant clawing experience. Constantly improving and updating in practice, we are the first and only in the industry to realize the dual importance of amusement experience and gifts in the program.We believe through the innovation of technology and operation concept, we can bring more luck, surprise and fun to players and customers.

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Guangzhou Unique Animation Technology Co., Ltd.

Tel: 18011935773

Email: info@unique-animation.com

Website: https://www.unique-animation.com/

Factory: No.10 Jiucun South Road, Jiushuikeng Village, Dalong Street, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China

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